Rockport Pickers


Friday Feb 28 - Sunday March 1

Unique Historic 250 year-old Property with outbuildings

10 Green Street

Rockport, MA 01966

This historic Rockport property has been in the family for over 250 years.  Besides the house, a barn and several outbuildings chock full of items,  the property also contains many original items from the Alexander Graham Bell summer estate nearby in Rockport. 


- Home formerly owned by Artisians, jewelry craftsman, painters, writers etc.  

- Many primitives dating back to the early 1600's  

- Primitive and antique signs, flags, clocks

- Antique Nautical items

- Handmade signed quilts also dating back to the 1600's

- Antique, handcrafted, and fine jewelry, and jewelry making supplies

- Barnboards, picket fences, antique hardware, crates, old tools, and more

- An antique Glenwood Parlor stove in excellent condition

- An antique ship's main wooden steering wheel

- An antique mission style maple cabinet

- Antique chairs and other artifacts

- Windsor Furniture

- Glass Bottles, Ceramic Jugs

- Tons of signed Lithographs

- Histroric Ephemera, many signed

- Collection of antique Russian boxes

- Vintage and Antique Clothing

- Civil War items

And many many more item which will be added as we proceed through the home.  Please check back often.

Friday we will be open from 9am to 1pm for Dealers.


Please visit and for hundreds more photos of items in this sale.